At present, we work independently or cooperate with other universities and research institute to research and develop new products. Our Pharmaceutical Research Institute now is the main force of company for internal development of product; there are over 30 full-time researchers in our Research Institute, and 5 of them have senior titles. Moreover, they are also work with technicians in the positions of production, quality control and engineering to develop new product together.


Now, we are able to research and develop chemical synthetic drugs, semi-synthetic antibiotics, natural plant extract medicine, all preparations of new products, pharmaceutical and chemical intermediates and food additives independently. Through establishing long-term partnership with famous domestic and foreign companies, universities and research institutes, we are working with them to develop new products together. In past ten years, we have successfully developed more than 20 kinds of national new drugs, food additives and pharmaceutical intermediates; which built a sound foundation for the further development of our business.


Currently we are working on the research of dozen kinds of new products, including 3 new drugs of class A; There are a number of new drugs being declared for production or clinical research, or the application of clinical research now; therefore we now can produce one batch of products, declare one batch of products, put one batch of products into clinical research, apply one batch of products into clinical research and research one batch of products; all these now have formed a well-operated business cycle in our company.